Bhutan Bird Watching

It is world widely know as Bhutan is one of the most expensive and best destinations in the world for culture tour, Himalayan treks and sightseeing of ancient palaces, valley, and monasteries. Similarly, the country is also the best destination for bird watching specialists. Bhutan has catered to all your birding interests if you are an ornithologist, a naturalist, a casual birder, or a bird photographer. Bring your binoculars for bird watching tours in Bhutan - White-bellied Heron and Black-necked Cranes can be viewed.

BirdBhutan Bird Watching

Watching trips to Bhutan are designed to maximize the number of bird sightings during your tour. Our experienced guides, small groups and Bhutanese charm will leave you longing to return to Bhutan again and again. Join a group or, if you are looking for an even more intimate holiday, ask for your own private trips which will be designed and conducted specifically to cater to your individual desire. With unique location along with altitude and climatic variations attribute to the tremendous diversity of flora/fauna to be found in Bhutan birding holidays. Within its physical and biological diversities with over 70% forest cover the total land of Bhutan has preserved unique Himalayan eco- system.

The vegetation ranges from tropical broadleaf to temperate conifer forests to alpine shrubs includes tigers, elephants, greater one horned rhinoceros, golden langur, blue sheep, musk deer, wolves, leopards, takins and other endanger species. For Bhutan Bird Watching tour programe please visit below our selected tours if you are looking for Bird watching tour in Bhutan.

Bhutan Bird Watching

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