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What is so special about Nepal?
If you are visiting Nepal for the first time you may be wondering what to see and expect in your trip. So many things of interest for a traveler, such a spectacular topography, such a richness of culture, tradition and wealth of flora and fauna all packed in this tiny and beautiful country, a very rare combination anywhere.

The Capital Kathmandu together with towns of Patan and Bhaktapur are medieval cities packed with hundreds of masterpiece Buddhist Stupas and Hindu Temples, some dating back even second and fifth centuries. It is only in Kathmandu that seven UNESCO declared world heritage sites lie in a periphery of just thirty kilometers. The medieval sights and sounds so different but so friendly with take you in its spell.

Nepal has such a topographical contrast that elevation ranges from 70 meters above sea level in Jhapa (430km east from Kathmandu) to world’s highest mountain, Everest 8848m above the sea level. This unique variation has given Nepal a varied eco system, both thick tropical and alpine forest swarmed with diverse wildlife, stunning peaks of the world, frozen lakes and valleys, deep gorges, mysterious caves, furious Himalayan rivers running down the hills and cool and clam lakes. In such a small country you can see tropical Animals like wild elephants, one horned rhinoceros, Tigers and also alpine animals like snow leopards, Himalayan thar, etc...  

This country is the home to two percent of all flowering plants in the world, eight percent (848 species) of the total birds of the world (more birds than in USA and Canada combined), 11 of 15 butterflies’ families found in the world (500 species), 600 indigenous plant families and more than 300 species of orchid species and a population of 30 million people with about 60 ethnic groups speaking 70 different languages is a place with unique cultures, exotic traditions and festivals, unique art and architectures and above all very friendly people, all very alluring to the visitors.

Being birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, founder of Buddhism, Lumbini is southern Nepal is visited by Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world. The great number of Tibetan refugees with their Lamas, Rinpochhe and Stupas make Nepal a place ideal for those interested in Tibetan Buddhism. Few people know that original Tibetan culture survives in remote and exotic Nepali villages bordering with Tibet, rather than in Tibet itself. Most of these villages can be visited in one or the other treks to the Himalayas.  

And not the least, Nepal is the home to the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest; 8 out of 10 highest mountains of the world lie in Nepal. There are hundreds of other peaks that offer great adventure treks and challenging climbing opportunities, making Nepal a great place for mountaineering adventure. The Himalayan glaciers are the source of many thundering rivers which offer excellent white water rafting opportunities in Nepal. You might come to see the Himalayas and trek among the world’s highest mountains but once you are here in Nepal you will discover so much more.

Just because Nepal is poor and not adequately publicized in world forums, otherwise Nepal has the great potential to be one of the most popular holiday destinations among the seekers of culture, tradition and mountain trekking adventures.

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