Why travel with Alpine Eco Trek: A Local Trekking Travel Copmany in Nepal

We are who we are...when traveling through us; you’ll perhaps realize that ‘Excellence’ with us is not only a practice...but so much more a habit...

Two decades and still counting...we simply enjoy what we do...

We have a deep love for our mountains & enjoy it so much when we tread its paths with our guests, trekkers who love these mountains perhaps as much as us or maybe even more. We know so well the lay of the land & plan accordingly so that our guests get the maximum from their sojourns with us; we know how erratic it has been for our guests when they plan their holidays so far away from home…keeping this in mind, we prepare for the long haul & ensure our guests don’t only have fun on the way but also get value for the money spent. We recognize & understand that this well maybe a once in a lifetime vacation where you get set to explore a world you’ve never known and its mandatory for us to make doubly sure you are absolutely safe throughout the whole course of your venture when you are in Nepal...with each trip we do with you, we are constantly improvising on ways to improve our services so that your expectations of us are exceeded on all fronts so you go home with a happy heart & the best feelings you’ve ever had as you cross the oceans to reach home sweet home...

A small outfit with big ideals...

We are a small company with big ideas and we know how human nature works; we know you have your weaknesses and your strengths, of which both are tested on the punishing trails of Nepal, but it’s always our quest to understand you and make your journey as comfortable as possible. This is why we have so many repeat customers who never seem to tire of our Himalayas & love the way we escorted them throughout the trip…we know how worrisome it can be when you opt to live life on the edge...and so we cut across all boundaries to make sure your holidays become more purposeful, more meaningful...

We never rush you, under any circumstances...

We know you are not in a hurry as soon as you touch down in the country. We understand the sensitiveness of your curiosity & always make sure we leave you enough space to do what we’ve planned for you – ‘your way’. You pull the strings – it’s your vacation – and we give you enough freedom to make your own decisions in unison with the group. We introduce you to each other & bridge gaps to make sure some of the best friendships are created when you assemble in our country. And when we escort you out on the trails, we ensure that our crew leads you in ways comfortable to your body & physical needs.

Our ‘Spot On’’ realistic itineraries...

Our itineraries are thoroughly based on the way you see it when you trip commences. Our themes are proactive & take you to places where some would just pass by. We fully understand your quest in search of the unknown and interesting; we know you want to see things that set your emotions & imaginations on overdrive and that you have the ‘whys’, how’s & when’s’ that ceaselessly question your search for the culture & lifestyles that you witness in territory you’ve never known or seen before. We go out of the way to create extraordinary one-off experiences catering to your individual interests. Each trip we design opens up new avenues to a whole new world that you are not familiar with...& when you discover the answers, your life is sometimes changed for ever...

Trips to suit your time zones...

We are flexible in the way we operate our trips based on your exclusive needs. We comprehend the kind of stress ridden world you hail from & know the kind of responsibilities you have at the workplace. Our programs are typically designed to give you the most & the best based on your time constraints without any blemishes on the joys that come with your holidays. You could be planning a budget trek or a luxury tour, maybe even a trekking peak; whatever the choice we give you a combo so you have a scintillating mix of history, the outdoors & even jell in a jungle safari into the potpourri so you have varied experiences within the timeframe you’ve chosen. Our website is programmed to give you a host of options to make you smile...

Accommodation: They say Home is where the Hearth is...& the Pillow!!

We are extra careful when planning your accommodation before you enter our country. We know we’ve got to give you something that’s closest to how it is like at home. After consulting with you & doubly sure about what you’re expecting when it comes down to resting your body & mind at night, we make sure we make the best accommodating facilities available at a hotel that’s not only comfortable but also a hotel that’s spanking clean with fresh linen with staff who understand your upbringing and go the length in making sure that you feel at home, no matter what the length of your stay in our country. This also includes the hygienic conditions of the food you are served. Even when on the trails, we go the mile to make sure you find a cosy teahouse with no dampness & enough ventilation to keep you healthy & warm with food that’s organic & clean. With us, be sure that all your personal needs are taken care of well, with hospitality that comes straight from the heart...

Safety and Security: An Imperative Priority...

Our safety and security for all our inbound guests cut across all boundaries, from the moment your jet hits the tarmac at the airport in Kathmandu. This is a process that begins even before you arrive in Kathmandu, when we design your itinerary based on the program you’ve chosen. It starts with choosing the right team for you if it’s a trek & making sure your crew is well prepared for any eventualities when at altitude. We believe in following rigid standards with concentration targeting risk assessment knowing mountain climbing is always a risky business despite the thrills it offers. All the planning is done prior to your arrival so you have a carefree, footloose & fancy free journey, without any hassles. We always advise our guests to go through medical routines in their home countries before embarking on trips above 3000m & always encourage our guests to get insured before coming to Nepal. Your entire stay in Nepal is monitored from day one, especially when you are on the mountains & we take nothing for granted; nature can be a monster when least expected. When you book your trip through ‘Alpine Eco Trek’, you are a friend, a brother/sister, a close colleague – in a word – you are family; and all our safety precautions & personalized services are purely based on this relationship.

We Love & Respect the local folks & the Environment we operate in...

We are always aware of the importance of preserving the natural beauty and culture of Nepal, so that future visitors can also enjoy the wonders of this fragile environment. We are totally committed to responsible travel with minimum impact on the environment and local communities. The planet is a huge place for everyone to explore and its human nature’s curiosity to explore & discover the unknown. It’s natural for us to always be conscious about the ecosystems that surround us when we are on the mountains but we don’t want to do it in ways that spoils the spirit of adventure. We also want our joys to be beneficial to others & wish to respect this beauty that God created for us to relish; & we wish to keep it that way. Tantamount to this, we instruct our crew and travellers to be aware of the values of responsible travel - respecting people, cultures and local environments; in contributing to goodwill; with cross-cultural sharing & experiences; and making sustainable development practical, where we give back more than we take.

Our trekking crews are paramount to the company & treated like family:

One important factor for trekking companies in Nepal is employees directly linked to taking care of guests when trekking in the Himalayas & this is key to any trip conducted anywhere on the Himalayas in our country. Our staff in general receives fixed, monthly salaries & our trekking crews get special rates as defined by the Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN). Freelance consultants are also paid very well. In addition to this, we also provide climbing training to new comers employed in our company. Employees are constantly upgraded for personal development, delivered via courses in English, about nature, history, and ongoing training as mountain guides with techniques based on safety precautions...along with this, our mountain crews are insured & covered for their future. The insurance package covers the cost of health care if injured or sick and provides a lifetime gratuity if any employee is physically disabled. We treat our employees as valuable assets. We know their security & happiness is vital to ensure yours throughout your stay in Nepal...

Innovation: Our holiday products are always upgraded...

We are constantly researching on new avenues for travel within & around the city limits and out on the mountains. New innovations with our products in order to give our repeated clients new thrills are always part of our company’s policies for giving more value for money. We know that many of our guests hardly get time to travel & when they do, they’d sure like to make the best of it; besides Nepal, we even wade across the borders giving our guests unbelievable historical and cultural highlights of Bhutan and Tibet. We even design divine spiritual tours for the holy who’d sure like to hike down footsteps of ancient ancestors along the Mount Kailash Mountains so that they could come face-to-face with the gods. You even get opportunities to stroll down the cobbled stone Squares of Patan and Bhaktapur & slip into the Forbidden Temple of Pashupatinath. Beyond the spiritual of Kailash in Tibet, embark on a venture to the highest region on earth, with an elevation of 4,900 meters (16,000 ft). Very much noted as the ‘roof of the world’, Tibet is symbolic of a mesmerizing culture seeped in spirituality and nature. From superb temples and tranquil monasteries to the Yangtze River and adorable Pandas, whirlwind vacations with ‘Alpine Eco Trek’ ensures you experience a whole new world of amazing discoveries that tells you about what a wonderful world we all live in.‘Please browse more our highly informative website for some of the most extensive information on some of the most stimulating holidays ever conceived’.

Our Success Ratio...

We’ve been through it all – the ups and downs have been full and plenty. This is nature at its best & worst. We can’t take anything for granted when it’s a tryst with Mother Nature, especially in the wilderness; and above the tree-lines. We need these mountains more than they need us, and...These mountains teach us so much about life. It was Almighty God that created these mountains with all its stark beauty, but then a natural calamity can be lurking somewhere around the bend, and we must always be aware of the environment - & this comes with respect, consciousness and faith. Despite the hurdles & hiccups, our Success Ratio has been over 90%, because experience has taught us the hard way to Love God, Honour nature, Respect the mountains and to always, at all times, be Honest with our Guests…and God does the rest.

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