• Trip Style : Adventure Overland Tour
  • Trip Difficulty : Challenging Trip
  • Max Altitude : 5,610m Dolma La Pass
  • Daily Walking Hours : 6 to 7 hours drive
  • Accomodation: Hotel, Lodge, Basic Guesthouse
  • Food : Bed & breakfast basis
  • Start-End : Kathmandu or Lhasa - Kathmandu

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Kailash Tour via Lhasa and Everest Base Camp 15 Days

Filled with spectacular scenery and stunning cultural visits, the Lhasa Everest Base Camp Kailash tour truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We organize small group trips for this tour and you are free to join us in either Kathmandu or Lhasa. The tour starts with a comprehensive briefing overview of the trip in Kathmandu followed by a sensational trans-Himalayan flight to Lhasa, which passes over Mount Everest and many of the highest peaks in the world if you begin the tour in Kathmandu.

If you are to begin the tour in Lhasa, arriving from anywhere in mainland China or taking a new train from Beijing or Chengdu to Lhasa you will be briefed about the tour by our Tibetan Guide.

Mount Kailash, situated in the far west corner of Tiber, is the most sacred peak of Asia. This 6,700m beauty resembles a symmetrical cone-shaped rock, permanently capped by pure crystalline ice.

The mountain is recited in various mythological and literary works, dominating the north Himalayan Bariers skyline.

Mt. Kailash aka Mt. Kailas as it can be colloquially known is revered as the holiest pilgrimage site by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Bön-Po. Tibetans regard this mountain as the manifestation of Mount Meru, “the navel of the earth” where the founder of Bon religion, TonpaShenrab, is believed to have descended from heaven, Hindus as the abode of Lord Shiva, Buddhists as the abode of Samvara and Jains as a sacred site where their prophet, Rishaba attained spiritual enlightenment.

With its four sheer walls, distinctive snow-capped peak, and valleys interspersed with brightly-clad Tibetan pilgrims, Mount Kailash or Kang Rimpoche (‘precious snow-peaks, as known by the Tibetans) is an awe-inspiring sight. Four great rivers of Asia: the Karnali, the Indus, the Sutlej and the Brahmaputra (Tsangpo) originate from here.

A three-day trek (Parikrama or Kora) around Mount Kailash over a 5,630 Drolma La (pass), clockwise for Buddhists and Hindus, and anti-clockwise followers of the ancient Bon religion, is said to erase the sins of a lifetime.

To complete the Kailash pilgrimage it is said that you should bath in the sacred Lake Manasarovar, stunningly set on the Tibetan plateau bordered by the majestic Gurla Mandata.

On the journey to Mt. Kailash across the windswept Tibetan plateau, you will see cliff-top monasteries, wild-looking but hardy and hospitable Tibetans, yak caravans journeying over snowy passes, and the great peaks of the Himalayas with a foreground of grazing herds, yak skin tents, and a glittering turquoise lake. Journeying through Norbulingka, Sera and Drepung monasteries, Potala Palace, Jokhang temple and Barkhor markets, you will immerse into a world of ancient Tibetan culture and traditions, living amongst the civilizations.

On this expertly guided overland tour on a luxury Van or Bus, you get to explore colorful mosaics of Tibetan arts, crafts, history, culture, customs, traditions, lifestyle, and cuisine.

This is a unique experience that is sure to engrain a spiritual discovery within. You will witness a host of indigenous cultures on your tour to Lhasa Gyantse, Shigatse and other significant cities along the way. A further drive across the wide-open spaces of the Tibetan Plateau brings you to Lake Mansarovar, before completing a kora around Mt Kailash. From there, you re-cross the vast arid plains before heading south to the Nepalese border and returning to Kathmandu.

Lhasa Kailash via Everest Base Camp tour, adventure overland from Lhasa to Mount Kailash via Everest Base Camp: bookings are open for 2023, and 2024. Book now and get an attractive discount on trip package costs.

Small Group Departure Dates

There are a few seats left for these departure dates:

Arriving in Kathmandu on May 29th and flying to Lhasa on June 1st
Arriving in Kathmandu on September 27th and flying to Lhasa on September 30th

Send us an email at alpineecotrek@gmail.com or call us at +977 98510 36 844 (WhatsApp) to reserve your place.

Trip Highlights

  • Kathmandu, Lhasa, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Norbulinkha Palace, Shigantse, Saga, Manasarovar Lake, Darchen, Dirapuk, Dolma la Pass, Zuthulpuk, Saga, Kerung, Kathmandu

  • itinery-iconAccommodation: Hotel
  • itinery-iconMeals: BB
  • itinery-iconPlace: Lhasa
  • itinery-iconMaximum Altitude:3650m

  • itinery-iconAccommodation: Hotel
  • itinery-iconMeals: BB
  • itinery-iconPlace: Lhasa
  • itinery-iconMaximum Altitude:3650m

  • itinery-iconAccommodation: Hotel
  • itinery-iconMeals: BB
  • itinery-iconPlace: Lhasa
  • itinery-iconMaximum Altitude:3650m

  • itinery-iconAccommodation: Hotel
  • itinery-iconMeals: BB
  • itinery-iconPlace: Gyantse
  • itinery-iconMaximum Altitude:3950m

  • itinery-iconAccommodation: Hotel
  • itinery-iconMeals: BB
  • itinery-iconPlace: Shigatse
  • itinery-iconMaximum Altitude:3900m

  • itinery-iconAccommodation: Hotel
  • itinery-iconMeals: BB
  • itinery-iconPlace: Lhatse
  • itinery-iconMaximum Altitude:4050m

  • itinery-iconAccommodation: Guest House
  • itinery-iconMeals: BB
  • itinery-iconPlace: Everest Base Camp
  • itinery-iconMaximum Altitude:5200m

  • itinery-iconAccommodation: Guest House
  • itinery-iconMeals: BB
  • itinery-iconPlace: Saga
  • itinery-iconMaximum Altitude:4200

  • itinery-iconAccommodation: Guest House
  • itinery-iconMeals: BB
  • itinery-iconPlace: Mansarovar
  • itinery-iconMaximum Altitude:4560m

  • itinery-iconAccommodation: Guest House
  • itinery-iconMeals: BB
  • itinery-iconPlace: Darchen
  • itinery-iconMaximum Altitude:4750m

  • itinery-iconAccommodation: Guest House
  • itinery-iconMeals: BB
  • itinery-iconPlace: Dira-puk
  • itinery-iconMaximum Altitude:4900m

  • itinery-iconAccommodation: Guest House
  • itinery-iconMeals: BB
  • itinery-iconPlace: Zutul-Puk
  • itinery-iconMaximum Altitude:4790m

  • itinery-iconAccommodation: Guest House
  • itinery-iconMeals: BB
  • itinery-iconPlace: Saga
  • itinery-iconMaximum Altitude:4750

  • itinery-iconAccommodation: Guest House
  • itinery-iconMeals: BB
  • itinery-iconPlace: Kerung
  • itinery-iconMaximum Altitude:3650

Want to Tailor this itinerary?


Request a Private Date
Note: Lhasa Everest Base Camp Kailash tour fixed departure dates for the months of May, June, July, August, September and October 2023. We have both Full Moon and Non-Full Moon departure dates for the Lhasa Everest Base Camp Kailash tour 2023.
If the above-set departure dates are not suitable for you, you may choose your own departure date. These types of departures are best suited for couples, families and small groups of travelers.

Have a question ?

Please call us at +9779851036 844 to talk about your adventure or let's chat with Ram Kumar (24 hours available) on WhatsApp for the best quote and detailed information.
  • small-thumbnails All necessary pick up and drops by a private Van or Bus
  • small-thumbnails Tibet travel permits
  • small-thumbnails Hotel in Lhasa with breakfast, sightseeing with entry fees
  • small-thumbnails English speaking Tibetan Guide and crew
  • small-thumbnails Kailash permits
  • small-thumbnails Guesthouse and basic hotels with breakfast on the way to Mt. Kailash
  • small-thumbnails Three days trekking around Mt. Kailash with a guide, etc…
  • small-thumbnails Transportation by luxury Van/Bus throughout the tour
  • small-thumbnails Yaks & Yak men during the trek (circumambulation around Kailash)
  • small-thumbnails All necessary travel & trekking permits
  • small-thumbnails Medical kit bag and Alpine Eco-Trek's duffle bag
  • small-thumbnails Pick up from Kerung border to Kathmandu
  • small-thumbnails Lunch and dinners
  • small-thumbnails Hotel in Kathmandu
  • small-thumbnails Train fare and Air tickets
  • small-thumbnails Nepal entry visa fee
  • small-thumbnails Your travel insurance
  • small-thumbnails Rescue and evacuation service
  • small-thumbnails Personal expenses
  • small-thumbnails Bottled drinks
  • small-thumbnails Tips for staffs
  • small-thumbnails Any additional cost due to natural calamity and unforeseen circumstances.

Useful Information

Clients must have a current passport with at least 6 months of validity remaining. We will take care of all the Tibet Travel permits and entry permit procedures, once we receive a copy of your passport and advance deposit.

List of Gears
  •  1 large duffel bag or backpack
  •  1 small backpack or day pack
  •  2 pair of warm synthetic or cotton pants
  •  1 pair light hiking pants
  •  2 pair long underwear tops and bottoms
  •  1 fleece/wool jacket / pants
  •  1 down jacket
  •  1 Sleeping bag
  •  1 set of light rain gear tops and bottoms
  •  1 warm hat and 1 sun hat
  •  6 pair of warm socks
  •  1 pair comfortable waterproof hiking boots
  •  I pair comfortable shoes (for wearing around camp)
  •  2 pair long sleeve cotton shirt
  •  1 pair warm gloves or mittens
  •  1 pair of sunglasses (100% UV protective)
  •  Sunscreen/lip salve (at least SPF 25)
  •  1 silk or polyester scarf (to protect neck from the sun)
  •  1 towel
  •  Water bottle 2/lts
  •  1 flashlight (w/ extra batteries)
Toilet items

Towel, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb/brush, razor, shaving cream, women’s items, toilet paper, etc.

 First Aid / Medical Kits

We provide basic 1st aid items but we highly recommend that please bring a well-stocked personal medical kit. The suggested items are below. Consult your doctor for all prescription medicine.

  • Band-aids, bandages, medical tape, Neosporin, and other wound dressings
  • Blister dressings, moleskin, spenco, 2nd skin
  • Cold and flu tablets / nasal decongestant
  • Antihistamine (for allergies)
  • Aspirin or ibuprofen
  • Imodium or Lomotil (anti-diarrhea)
  • Hydration powder
  • Throat lozenges/cough medicine
  • Small pair of scissors /tweezers/thermometer
  • Antibiotics (consult a doctor)
  • Full supply of all current prescription medications.

Trip Reviews

We take great pride in taking care of our guests

  • December 27, 2022

My dream to Mt Kailash comes true with Alpine Eco trek and tour

I had a great experience and a wonderful trip in Nepal, Lhasa and Mt Kailash with Alpine Eco Trek and expedition tour. Here I would like to thank you to Mr. Ram from Alpine Eco Trek and expedition for the very best affordable and arrangement that he has done for me and our group members that make our trip unforgettable with all the good wonderful memories.

His arrangement was perfect from the day I arrived in Nepal to Lhasa to Mt Kailash. The hotels are nice neat, the dormitory is clean and well equipped, the foods are arranged as our preference and the most important is the safety of all members during the 7 days bus trip was well taken care of with good and experienced bus driver and tour leader. And all I can say is the tour standards were above all compared to the affordable fee that I pay for this entire trip.

I am impressed and very happy with Mr. Ram and Alpine Eco Trek and the expedition tour group. My group members decide to give 5 stars rating for Mr. Ram and Alpine Eco Trek and expedition tour. And we recommend anyone or everyone who read this to contact Mr. Ram for his best service n best experience for Mt Kailash tour.

The tour, not just a tour, it was nicely mixed with old and young people with different cultures and able to understand each other and help each other and share everything during the entire trip and make the trip more memorable that I cannot forget in my life. The tour group leader Mr. Tashi was a very nice guy, he explains every person question and guides our entire trip with his happy smiling face. Thank you very much to Alpine Eco Trek and expeditionBest and affordable.

  • Thanabala S1
  • December 27, 2022

The best Kailash tour operator in Kathmandu

We are a French couple, my husband and I went to Nepal and Tibet several years before. We asked Alpine Eco Trek to organize our 3 weeks trip. The famous Mt Kailash tour and the trek until the Everest base camp.

First, during several months before the validation of the trip, we were impressed by the relationship by email, the very clear answer to all of our questions, their way to find the best compromise and the sense of details, then, arriving at Kathmandu, a warm welcome and a very good organization of Alpine Eco Trek team lead by Ram, the incredible owner of the agency.

We have had already in the past experience with 3 other travel agencies at Kathmandu but this time, no comparison, the service was there, a nice and quiet hotel in the heart of Thamel, our visa in time, always someone to look for us, no bad surprises during our trip. Mt Kailash tour, Manasarovar Lake and Everest base camp are great places to visit and we were lucky sunshine every day but cold.

We recommended Alpine Eco Trek agency to our friends. You can trust this travel agency, they will organize the best trip for you in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and much more. with smiles and efficiency.


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